Provide services for safety and security of church premises, including parking, event logistics and key management.

Sunday School

Sunday morning adult and children Bible study.

New Members

Provide spiritual teachings and growth enhancements for new members, and community comers.


Provides help with greetings and sanctity for church services and events.

Prayer Ministry

Administer prayers for prayer requests of church members and community for the sick, hospitalized and bereaved.


Provides food and other related needs for church and community events.

Praise Dance

Provide Spiritual choreographed dancing of Praise and Worship for Church services and special events.


Provide Godly teachings and care development for infants and toddlers.


Provide teaching of God's word and activities to develop growth spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. To teach youth to connect, lead and serve their church and community.

Praise Team

Provides musical and spiritual edification for worship services and church events


Produce audio and video material, broadcasts and social media.